Since we started selling furniture back in 90's, we've followed 3 key principles


Offer the best service


Provide the highest quality products


Sell at a fair price

Natraj Office Furniture is one of the leading and fast growing designers and manufacturers of Office desking, seating and storage solutions. Natraj Office Furniture strives to bring exclusive range of designer office furniture to its clients. The extensive portfolio of desks, seating and storage range offered by us caters to all kinds of contemporary office design and theme.

The solutions provided by Natraj Office Furniture are made from high quality raw materials but have a low environmental impact. We believe that every organization is unique and continuously needs to improvise its services. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have set out to challenge ourselves; not just to make and supply the best office furniture, but also to deliver real solutions and to encourage newer and better ways of working. Today, Natraj Office Furniture reaches out to layout designing and Project Managers all over India with their exemplary after-sales services and timely delivery.

Production Facilities

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Why Choose Us

About us

9 reason to choose us !

High Quality Exclusive Product

Because We MAnufacture, We can easily ensure the highest standards of Quality Control, products that we do source are rigorously tested and scrutinised to make sure they make commercial grade.

Professional Team

We also like to keep it simple for you-from proposal through project management and final sign-off you will only ever have one point of contact in our company

Competitive Pricing

We have a lot of competitive advantages that give us price savings, from our vertically integrated supply chain to our strength and history in the market place and we like to pass those savings on to you.

Quick Delivery

our lead times are unparalleled in the industry. if you need your office furniture yesterday, we'll make it happen.

Provide Professional Autocad Drawing

We understand client requirment first and make our client visualise office view by offering layout plans & isometric views by our highly Qualified designing team.

Unparallelled Customer Service

We Make sure we get you the right office furniture solution, to our speedy lead-times and also our after sales team and repair processes. we work really hard to give you the best office furniture experience.


Our Technical proficiency at planning offices and providing the right furniture, coupled with a vast array of experiences in such a diverse range of office environments yields extra ordinary results.

High Equipped Workshop

We manufacture using only World's best practice methodologies on some of the most technologically advanced machinery available. Our Machines are optimised to be as efficient as possible and produce items of the highest quality


from our Unique Shoroom, where every one of the products is on display, to our ordering process where we make sure we get you the right office furniture, we make it easier for customers to deliver what exactly they are looking for.

Custom Manufacturing

A little about our manufacturing..

Local manufacturing allows us to provide you with the largest variety of sizes and finishes available. We've got it all covered, it's rare to find a job that we can't do!

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom shapes, sizes and edge profiles
  • Custom joinery and cabinetry
  • Powder coating
  • Custom upholstery

We manufacture using only world's best practice methodologies on some of the most technologically advanced machinery available. Our machines are optimised to be as efficient as possible and produce items of the highest quality, which is why our lead times are unparalleled in the market.

Through our best practice manufacturing facilities, we are more equipped than ever to offer you the complete office furniture.